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When selecting your solar, it’s important to make the right choice, but given the newness of this industry and general lack of information about equipment how can you be sure when selecting a company to supply and install your PV system?

To help you through this we’ve developed a handy little comparison sheet that will enable you to identify the true differences in offerings and also make sure that all of the companies you encounter are properly accredited. You can download this comparison sheet here.

Visit the RECC website and download their invaluable consumer guide today!

Firstly a few things you should try to avoid:

  • Middlemen outfits; these are companies actively marketing and selling systems but with no accreditations, they simply take your order and then sell the installation onto another company to fit the system. In some cases clients have been left with no deposit and no system! If they’d bought from a MCS & RECC approved company this wouldn’t have happened.
  • Companies offering free panels “buy 10 and get 2 free!”, if they were free someone would have simply knocked at your door and handed you 2 free panels. Make sure that the deal you’re offered is completely transparent.
  • Companies who want more than a 25% deposit, this is outside RECC guidelines and would mean that you are not protected by the consumer code. One key worry with this is that it’s a company with poor cash-flow that operates outside of the industry regulations.
  • Companies who don’t do a proper survey on the first visit. Without a SAP calculation being performed how could you possibly know what the returns could be for your investment?
  • Companies who don’t or can’t tell you the specifics of the panels or inverter that they are offering you.

Things you should look for in a company:

  • Only deal with companies that are directly authorised by MCS & RECC, they will be able to prove this by providing you with their membership numbers and they will also be listed on the MCS & RECC websites as accredited members.
  • Look for companies that operate a transparent pricing policy, for example a printed price list that you can see and not just a made up price on the spot.
  • Although it’s not compulsory to have any additional accreditations it’s always best for you to deal with a company that has an external body offering things like secondary deposit protection, insolvency guarantees and customer care surveys, At Fenland Solar Ltd we are fully accredited members of the Consumer Protection Association (CPA). All residential customers benefit from an insurance backed insolvency protection warranty from the CPA, meaning our workmanship warranty is insured in the event of us not being here!
  • Although it’s impossible to tell when you book an appointment how experienced a company is with PV equipment, you’ll soon get the feeling of how proficient they are once the representative has been out to see you, it’s a sign of a quality company when the initial visit is carried out by someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

We hope that the above information puts you in good stead as you start your journey into PV solar systems and please do use our comparison sheet, it really does work.

For more information, or to request a quote, get in touch with Fenland Solar today.