Solar Energy Storage

Energy storage has a long history, but when combined with solar PV it is a relatively new technology. Energy storage is seeing a large boom in the UK market since further reductions in the Feed-in-Tariff in early 2016.

In the opinion of Fenland Solar, the technology has a bit further to go before it is a viable product to recommend to our customers.

There are many companies that will tell you that solar batteries will change your world, but the direct benefits from the system can take upwards of ten years to achieve a return on investment. This, coupled with the fact that the batteries’ expected lifespan is around 9-10 years, means that it isn’t yet a product that we promote.

As the energy storage market becomes more popular, it will inevitably lead to a reduction in the cost of the units and it will therefore become a viable product to put in your home. We keep up to date with industry developments and keep an eye on suitable products, so as soon as we see a benefit to battery storage we will be the first to let you know!